Post ur BEST mobile phone haggle

    SO! Having just got off the phone to O2 customer services, I thought i'd post a new thread!

    What is the BEST mobile deal you've ever haggled?? (include the average spend on the original contract too, cause that affects everything!!)

    I've just struck with O2 -
    500 anytime x-network minutes a month
    500 text messages a month
    Nokia N73 for !!FREE!! :thumbsup:
    £20 a month! (12 month contract)
    Average bill before threatening to cancel was about £40 a month, on a £30 a month contract (200x-network minutes tarrif)

    Took 2 hours, but anyone that knows the N73 knows that I got a great deal for a very new phone.


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    I've just got my O2 contract upgrade, initially I rang retentions sooooo many times & didn't get offered anything amazing so.....cancelled my contract by letter.

    Two weeks later O2 rang me & offered me 500 x-net anytime mins, 400 texts & a K800i for free for £10 per month on a 12 month contract! Obviously I thought about this long & hard (approx 3 seconds) & accepted.

    This was delivered on Wednesday & I'm happy with it, it was certainly worth the wait.
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