Post what you think is the truth about the previous poster

A bit of fun, post a witty truth about previous poster : )

Nows yer chance people,ok,d with ASB...................absolutely no infractions
...........................unless glasgow rangers /man city/chelsea fan : )

You are brilliant RFC,luvin it - ilovepink ; )

RFC is a hottie-ilovepink


is a secret celtic fan and totally ripped off another thread

hm, i got that all wrong...........

he's a bit bananas???
Edited by: "scrumpypaul" 27th Feb 2011

Bit of a cider fan i reckons!
Edited by: "Jetpac" 27th Feb 2011

needs to get out more x

Has big norks

Loves shopping

has mate with terrible red-eye

is a Scottish father

Is gonna be on tv

aunty jane

Is gonna be on tv

Has a niece or nephew

(yeah, I can reveal the name of the show now too)

Edited by: "Paddy_o_furniture" 27th Feb 2011

Was in the army .........^^^^^^^ yep , lol

( what is it paddy ? :D)
Edited by: "shopstilldrops" 27th Feb 2011


Was in the army ( what is it paddy ? :D)

Likes shopping

It's name is: Don't Scare the Hare

His name is paddy

( cool , when is it on ? will have to look out for it )

When and what channel is it on?

Shoptilldrops. is sooooo glad the kids are back to school tomorrow

Yep , too right , lol

likes cats .............this is like deja vue from the other thread , lol

nice pussy aw crap
like to shop
Edited by: "boabbyrab" 27th Feb 2011

Unimaginative. Quite possibly hangs around outside other peoples houses with binoculars.


Yep , too right , lollikes cats .............this is like deja vue from … Yep , too right , lollikes cats .............this is like deja vue from the other thread , lol

I know, dont think this one is gonna be as successful tho


nice pussy

has got a big banana

Original Poster Banned

is one crazy milf...........

go for it ting tong,sheet i mean byker grooveeeeee

is a very naughty girl

Supports a rubbish team.

a bit nuts
Edited by: "allycat38" 27th Feb 2011


likes mutley x

Original Poster Banned

has an avatar with two celtic players on it

likes celtic

Must be 100% nutter

likes BABS

Can't count above three

He means two.

stalks peggy mitchell

Rab likes the Boabby 8===D

that is a massive bawbag and looks like it has not been emptied in a while

keeps forgetting his name, then goes to his nana and says:-

"oh nana, what's my name"

Is jealous of teenage boys.

Is a serial poster!

^ is a huge POSER

Is an even bigger poser!!! Fact!!!


A very high maintenance girl who probably looks like a minger in the morning.

Hadn't got a clue. Possibly a bit on the thick side and certainly a bad judge of character.
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