Post your bargain sales buy here!

    So did anybody wake early and queue at thier destination shop hoping to bag something cause of the sale?

    post ur purchase if its a right bargain so we can all go o0o0o0o0o:p


    nothing i was in the town center today and it was dissapointing to say the least.

    They were the same prices as before christmas or cheaper to buy online but in some cases the prices went up

    Same here, I'm afraid. We have five children so every year after Christmas I go into Clarks to get them a couple of pairs of school shoes each. went in today to find the sale there started three weeks ago this year !!!! The effect of the internet.

    Next year I will be going around the shop sales two weeks before Christmas and spending my time after Christmas on this site looking for bargains :thumbsup:

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    yeah the sales are dissapointing this year

    my friend said things he purchased have gone up!

    Got some trainers of JJB for £12, Patrick ones, perfect for wearing with jeans.

    Not got a sausage in the sales, been very dissapointed so far...the only slightly interesting thing was the DS Lites for £40 at M&S - that no one had in stock any way and was probably just a con to get people interested in their sale!


    yeah the sales are dissapointing this yearmy friend said things he … yeah the sales are dissapointing this yearmy friend said things he purchased have gone up!

    I found the same, GoOutDoors sold me some Rohan Edmonton trekking boots last week for £35 - in the sale they are £42.

    because of the internet shops have offers all the time now. All the shops did was to change the offers. Prime example is woolworths dvd's, they are on diferent offers all the time. sometimes clearance price or sale price or BOGOF.

    bargain for me (thanks to HUKD) is the it works weather station reduced from a whoppy £30 to a measily £1.99 !! Wow that felt good.

    Hi All

    I managed to pick up a nice leather jacket in Next the other morning before I went to work for £30 - Ticket price £130!


    Not much of a sale this year. Still expensive, only NEXT kept up their fair share.
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