Posted 24 November 2023

Post your Christmas trees/decorations!

I did this ages ago. Can we see your xmas trees/decs this year, or when you put them up?! Big and small, swanky, colourful or not etc etc.
I saw a nice navy tree actually. Looked better than it sounds
Christmas jumpers also welcome
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  1. Bambibear's avatar
    Ooh another one for us festive folk to rejoice in.
  2. Laurel-Hardy's avatar
    We only put the cards up. There has never been trees, decorations or tinsel in our house, but enjoy Christmas nevertheless.
    51560403-4IDwS.jpg (edited)
  3. The2Time's avatar
    I've still got pumpkins rotting on my porch.
  4. Bambibear's avatar
    51661008-Px6Ap.jpgTree! (edited)
    mysmugcat's avatar
    Wowza! I recgonise the red Merry Christmas sign, either myself or my parents have it
  5. Mclwrth's avatar
    Bambibear's avatar
    I like that, I wonder if the Xmas lights are an issue for pilots! Never occured to me before. There are some houses near us that BA pilots probably confuse for Heathrow!
  6. Renoir64's avatar
    Hang on, I'll go up in the loft where they are and will be for at least the next 2 weeks.
  7. Wolfout's avatar
    51561658-boj8M.jpg51561658-c5zDg.jpgHaven’t finished the decorations on the tree and haven’t put the upstairs tree up yet.
    mysmugcat's avatar
    Thanks! Very nice. See you have a nice little train track running round your tree.
  8. Bambibear's avatar
    Getting excited for mine MSC but will never put them out before the 1st of the month. Got a bargain though at TKMaxx with 12 heavy glass red hearts on a string. They had no price on so they matched it to a string with 12 bells on. £7. The only ones I've seen similar are £5 per heart.
  9. windym's avatar
    We went to the Christmas tree farm near us and spent 45 mins picking from the beautiful trees. Got an 8ft beauty.

    mysmugcat's avatar
    Never done that though there is a place near me that does this. Sounds nice.
  10. Bambibear's avatar
    51653789-ujmH3.jpgLiving room.
  11. psychobitchfromhell's avatar
    51825476-wM5Do.jpgMinimal tree with flamedeer
    mysmugcat's avatar
    Thanks! Aww the cute flamedeer!
  12. chuckiedoll's avatar
    51825638-qivAz.jpgMy cosy little nook!
    mysmugcat's avatar
    Wow, lovely ty. This could be straight out of an interior design magazine
  13. Webarno's avatar
    mysmugcat's avatar
    Wow! That is impressive. ty
  14. Wongy111's avatar
    It is still November MSC !
    Did see some holly last weekend and now is the time for that

  15. Wongy111's avatar
    51564055-wlXwI.jpgfairly sure that works for crimbo as well
  16. Masonic111's avatar
    Worst Christmas tree ever..
  17. mysmugcat's avatar
  18. mysmugcat's avatar
    *Bump*. Any more photos/additions?!
  19. mysmugcat's avatar
    *Bump*. Any more photos/additions?!
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