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    AMD X2 4800+ @2.5GHZ
    OCZ 2GB DDR2 800MHZ
    9600GT (thinking of going SLi)
    X-Fi Extreme Gamer
    Maxtor 250GB SATA
    19" LG WS Monitor


    just type DXDIAG in the RUN box, run the application, then screen print and upload pic!


    T7250, 2GB, 160GB, BT, webcam ... HP and Dell is a lower spec one, but I tend to use it more

    pentium 3 processor
    678mb ram or summits
    got no idea aout graphics card, probably carp tho
    like 60gb hardrive
    15" monitor

    Pentium 4 HT
    1024 RAM
    80GB hard drive
    42" TV/Monitor
    Wireless keyboard and mouse


    mac book & mac book pro
    enought said

    Is Windows Experience Index a good way of deciding how good a computer is?

    AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ 2.8Ghz
    2Gb Ram 800Mhz
    NVIDIA GeForce 8300GS
    500GB Hard Drive

    Core 2 Quad Q6600 - 2.4Ghz
    3GB RAM
    2 x 360GB hard drives
    Vista Home Pemium
    256mb 8600GS
    19" monitor.

    AMD X2 4800+ @2.5GHZ (Overclocked to 2.7GHz)
    OCZ 2GB DDR2 800MHZ
    Vista Ultimate
    2TB HDD
    22" Hanns.G Monitor

    i got a 486, does that count?


    i got a 486, does that count?

    Yes it does, even a 386 will do.

    Pentium Dual Core E8500 3.2ghz
    4gb ram
    Nvidia Geforce 8800GT OC2
    28" Viewsonic HD monitor
    1.5TB storage
    Vista Home

    Still can't run Crysis on maximum settings though!! (ie with AA turned up to the max)

    Amstrad PC1512 DD
    8MHz 8086 16-bit CPU + 8087 Maths Coprocessor
    512KB Ram + 128KB expansion
    2 x 5.25" 360K floppy disc drives
    320x200 CGA 16 Colour Monitor
    20MB Winchester Hard Drive (5.25") + controller card


    Amstrad PC1512 DD8MHz 8086 16-bit CPU + 8087 Maths Coprocessor512KB Ram + … Amstrad PC1512 DD8MHz 8086 16-bit CPU + 8087 Maths Coprocessor512KB Ram + 128KB expansion2 x 5.25" 360K floppy disc drives320x200 CGA 16 Colour Monitor20MB Winchester Hard Drive (5.25") + controller card

    I'm saving up for one of those.


    I'm saving up for one of those.

    You'll need to - cost over £1500!

    my new setup i just finished building my gaming is so awesome

    e8400 @3.8ghz
    4gb xms3 1333mhz (oc) 1450mhz
    asus p5e3 deluxe motherboard
    evga 9800gtx ko edition
    800MHZ(core) 1175MHZx2 (2350mhz)(mem clock) 1940MHZ(shader clock)

    open to serious offers only :-D



    pentium d 3.4ghz (meh, core 2 duo probz a e6600 for me soon)
    2x 512 ram, 1x 1gb ram
    ati x550 256mb pci-e graphics card (nothing, special, just wanted it for vista's aero)
    creative audigy 2 soundcard
    500w psu
    some 16.1db cpu fan
    500gb seagate sata drive (ripped from external)
    80gb seagate ide, os installed on, (waiting for new sata dvd drive to install vista on, as my new motherboard an as rock conroe 945G-DVI, only has 1 ide slot :()
    nice clean plain black case

    and for display... a samsung 206bw

    would swap the whole thing for a core 2 macbook anyday

    swaped gx7950gx2 for hd4580
    coolermaster case custom install uv etc
    21" del flatscreen
    2gb ram

    can now play crysis @ high settings
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