Post your personal bests!

    Thought I'd create a thread for those of us who exercise. Post your PB on any piece of equipment, weights, cardio, swimming, street/track running/cycling etc


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    I've only recently got back into the gym way after some serious letting myself go. Don't have all times at moment but I'll kick off with:

    Rowing machine:

    2500m - 10mins
    7300m - 30mins

    1mile - 8mins

    Not started weights properly yet so will post when I have.

    Cycling to work (just started monitoring this yesterday)

    Slight head wind -
    Created by My Tracks on Android.

    Total Distance: 8.60 km (5.3 mi)
    Total Time: 22:34
    Moving Time: 21:23
    Average Speed: 22.86 km/h (14.2 mi/h)
    Average Moving Speed: 24.14 km/h (15.0 mi/h)
    Max Speed: 30.65 km/h (19.0 mi/h)
    Min Elevation: 34 m (112 ft)
    Max Elevation: 57 m (186 ft)
    Elevation Gain: 53 m (173 ft)
    Max Grade: 5 %
    Min Grade: -3 %
    Recorded: Thu Mar 24 07:28:46 GMT 2011

    Donut eating

    25 in 3 mins

    I feel so proud!!

    Marathon 3.18
    Half Marathon 1.27

    Sitting - 15 hours, 5 loo breaks, 6 cups of tea.


    Donut eating25 in 3 minsI feel so proud!!

    Must have had to train hard for this!

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    Marathon 3.18Half Marathon 1.27

    Good times.

    I did a 10k in about 50mins once. Not great I know but it's the only proper run I've been involved in.

    Darn it wrong.

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    You been at my Facebook account Sy?


    You been at my Facebook account Sy?

    Yes.............numpty asked me to get him some new laminating material. X)


    Must have had to train hard for this!

    6years hard training, gonna try for the pie eating contest in a few years time, just need to shed 10 stone first..LOL


    Op I thought your cycling times were your running times... And I almost fainted!


    Marathon 3.18Half Marathon 1.27

    Did a whole Marathon in < 2 minutes. I'm old school - refuse to call them Snickers.

    Half marathon 1 hr 18 min. Never done a full one but I'd like to.

    Did a 4 min mile on a treadmill once. Makes you appreciate how fast professional long distance runners really are. Super humans.

    1000m - 3.10

    2000m - 6.49

    16000m - 1 hour and 4.30 minutes

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    Don't think I'll be getting close to a 4 min mile potato head. Think a sub 6 was my best before.

    Mclovin, impressive times. I may be able to get to 1000m and 2000m times but don't think my rear end could take an hour on the rowing machine. It's getting fairly uncomfortable doing half an hour.

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    Any more PBs?

    Any impressive bench pressing numbers?

    Went to the gym, too tired to be breaking any records today.

    The next time i ride a bike i will time my performance.

    P.S. I normally last for ages once i've had a few drinks.

    I once got out of bed to the loo 3 times in one night
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