Post your sky haggle story’s

Found 5th Sep 2017
What is your story what did you get and how?
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Left a year ago and haven't gone back to them, I'm freeeeeee!
Contacted them said I was leaving.
Got offered money of.
End of story really
Didn't need to do much haggling to be honest.
I went on live chat and cancelled as I didn't want to pay £38.99 for boxsets, the offered 60% and £50 credit so I'm using that until May!
Wasn't interested in movies/sports.
In the past I've cancelled and lived with NowTV for a month, that's when Sky's win back team will email you a much better deal, I've had 70% off and some credit with an old Sky HD package, hopefully they'll be nice with my Sky Q renewal but recently that's not been the case.
Cancelled it all, went through with the cancellation. Had an end date for it all being switched off, called Retentions a few days before, got the whole thing for 50% off.
Cancelled, got used to being without it, was continually offered 10 months free. They ask the reason I cancelled. Even when I give a diff answer than ' too expensive' .. ' I hardly watch television anymore ' they still offer the 10months free.
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