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In general is postage to the Scotish Highlands alot more exspensive? x I have a bulky item to send and wondered. Thanks

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Check here sweetie x x

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thanks i did look there just i see its more exspensive to higlandsm but then when i put details in there is no opton to pick

if its is in the UK royal mail prices are the same regardless.

If sending via a Courier, some companies charge different amonts depending on location so you would have to check each one individually.


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not sure is it different area code on there?

Who else is cheap to use, i dont send many thanks

superskilly;7650357 sure is it different area code on there?Who else is cheap to use, i dont send many thanks

you are looking at the services fro Bulkl sending, businesses etc in that link :thumbsup:
What is it you are sending?
As more thank likely if it is that bulky you will be best looking at sending it via Parcel2go to get the best price.

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i have just priced up £6 with parcel monkey but then had to change it to scotland... it went to £24... eekk.
its a tent but not a huge one, weighs 8kg

What about that parcel plus thing, or whatever its called.

Collect plus...


Send it Royal Mail Standard Parcels it will cost a little under £15

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heard alot of bad things abiout collect plus not getting there etc. Tried parcel to go and wouldnt deliver there, saw an option after though £14.99 plus vat. Think might just stick with Royal Mail.

Surpose its my own fault i can't really ask them for anymore money as i put UK postage,
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