Postage boxes needed

    I'm after about 20 postage boxes, dimensions about 25cm*20cm*9cm. I've looked around and can find them for around £2.50 but this is too much (got a load of stuff to sell on eBay). Is there anywhere that will send them to me for free? I know in the US you can get free USPS boxes from their website.


    My dad does a lot of ebay and finding suitable boxes for packaging is always a problem. You could try your local supermarket as I imagine they just throw them away/recycle them anyway.

    Alternatively sell some shipping boxes - much cheaper than you quoted, although they may be a bit big? (you could always cut them down).

    Here's one, but have a look on their site:…974

    SVP often have 99p delivery offers on, so be sure to check the HotDeals Vouchers section as otherwise the delivery will be quite expensive just for a few boxes. However, they are a great company and I've been using them for blank DVD's for years

    Check out the offers on the PC world website. There are some great bargains to be had!

    Order online and collect them instore so you dont have pay a delivery charge.

    Good luck!

    Try staples is this the type of thing various sizes
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