Hi everyone
Has anyone got an idea of how much it costs to post a pair of jeans 1st or 2nd class?
I have loads BNWT ladies pairs to sell but want to advertise a post and packing price as well and thought I would see if anyone has any ideas before I list? They are only sizes 10 and 12 so not huge which would bump up cost. Also got trousers and t-shirts etc which I presume would be cheaper, any ideas would be appreciated as don't want to charge too much.
I don't have paypal either so I take it BT is bank transfer and they put money into my account before send it? and is this a safe way do you think?
And once the dosh is in the A/C do I put a post on here to say so and then post it out?
Just checkin as bin told off before!!
Oh and how would I be able to send people pics without going to PM? Is there a way to show them on the ad?
It will be great to get some space back as I seem to buy stuff and never wear it so here's hoping it goes quick and earns me some pocket money as I must have had more money than sense at one time!
Fankoo in advance for any help!



Upload your pics to ]Photobucket and copy and paste the [IMG] code into your post - [IMG] links won't work in the opening post so make sure you post it in another post on the thread...

Be prepared to offer your eBay id etc or some other form of feedback - otherwise you might have problems selling, especially as you only take BT (bank transfer). Some people might ask you to post first, if you can't provide any feedback, and will pay you once the item(s) arrive... You'll then obviously need to make sure they are trustworthy. If you do have feedback elsewhere, most people will be happy to pay you first and you can make sure the money's in your account before posting the item(s) out

Its worth investing in digital scales if you havent got any,places like Home & Bargains sell them for around 7.99

Then check the weight on the Royal Mail's website for packet rate.


You cannot sell more than 2 of any item on here.

I think a read of the rules and how to post maybe useful as it tells you all you need to know re listing photo's etc

Original Poster

Thanks Sadie and debz.
Maybe a tad too much hassle and I will wait for car boot weather!!!:thumbsup:
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