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Does anyone know how much it would cost to send a chiffon dress to germany and a chiffon top to netherlands. Thanks




approx … approx £2.50

A lot more than that..........they won't be light.


A lot more than that..........they won't be light.

Do you know what chiffon is?!! its practically the lighest material going!

Ask them if they want it signed for or not as this will affect the price

I would have thought about £5 to send it Airmail,but if me I would charge a couple quid more.
Signed for is 3.50 extra but only covers insurance of about £39 or something.

Could you weigh them and use the Royal Mail site?

It's usually Airmail Small Packets

I go buy the rule that Airmail to Europe costs twice as much as to send in U.K,then I add on a couple quid.

eBay stuff is one of the main reasons why I bought myself a digital scale (ebay item no# 260450146584). They're magic things. They make finding out postage weights so much easier, and as an endlessly curious geek, I've since spent many a bored moment weighing random objects. Did you know that a clear-faced CD weighs 16g, while a full printed-face CD weighs 17g, or sometimes as much as 18g? No? Well, that's the world of fascination you can immerse yourself in if you own a digital scale.

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Thanks everyone x
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