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Found 10th Mar 2011
Hi was wondering if anyone could tell me something about royal mail's paypal postage. I got a book today from ebay and the seller told me they posted it out weeks ago. Because it's through paypal's royal mail service it doesn't have the date it was posted out just a date which says "post by". Can I tell from this when they sent it out? It also says it was sent standard parcel.
Just wanting to know if they lied about when it was sent out.

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if it was sent weeks ago i would open an item not recieved dispute.

just realised you said you got the book, sorry. i need glasses lol
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you cant see the price or date it was sent on these stickers, from what I remember. Its a crafty way for people who over charge on postage to get away with it too.

I usually get an email from either paypal or Ebay to say my parcel is on its way as seller has done postage through paypal, did you get anything like that recent?

I am an online seller and I can confirm that you have until the next day to post out an item.

ie all the products I posted today had "post by 11th March" on them.

So if it says post by 10th Feb on your postage label, the label will have been printed on the 9th Feb.

That said, sometimes I find parcels in the foot well of my car from a few days back - I just chuck them in that days mail sack and the Post Office haven't rejected any yet..

The post by date is the next working day after it was paid and printed. So pretty easy to work out.

@beth3735 The seller has an option to display price or not display it on the label, I always let it show the price so the buyer can see I have charged them fairly

harlzter I never knew that. I havent printed postage for about a year now.

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Thanks everyone!
So it says post by 07/03/11 so he printed it on the 6th, it's actually scribbled out with blue biro but you can still see it underneath.
Also he told me he posted it out nearly a month ago but it was returned to him after not being collected from the sorting office, I never got a red card through the door for it. There isn't any sticker or sticker marks under the current lable so it doesn't look like it was posted before this (unless they re-wrapped the whole parcel)

Is there a difference between standard parcel and 1st class? because I paid for 1st.

Why all the fuss? You've got your item, just leave a neutral feedback with slow delivery and leave it at that.

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Who's making a fuss? I'm just curious about it.
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