POSTAL STRIKES ON 22/10 - Same Day as WIN7 Launch

Those of you who are buying this via post are screwed till monday after 22/10/09

Lucky for me i have a digital download coming via Microsoft for Students.

If possible id get the digital download for those of you affected


More importantly Forza 3 comes out on 23/10 also.

Or why not count it as a christmas present to yourself? You might get it by then. . . might. :whistling:

and pro evo although with FIFA being so good this year I'm not overly bothered about getting it.

mines with amazon prime will probably come via city link 99.9% of things do

I've pre-ordered because of the price, but not overly bothered if I get it a couple of days late...

you will probably be alright if its sent special delivery. my postage was £20 odd quid so hoping its sent by courior or special at least
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