Posted my first deal and it has disappeared!! Why?

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Found 19th Dec 2014
Posted deal for 24 cans of coke for £5 @ One Stop shop, also commented that you could use Amex small shop spend £10 get £5 back. Someone said deal posted many times but I only have seen Tesco and Co Op deal. Now I cannot find the deal? Can someone please help how this site works?

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Posted a week ago by tinturner123
Probably why it got deleted

Can't link as I'm on the app


I can't find that deal. When I posted I should be notified then that the … I can't find that deal. When I posted I should be notified then that the deal has been posted!

It doesn't always work that way so no need to get upset the site isn't fool proof.


Will just look for deals and not post any.

I totally understand you. It is quite frustrating to go through all that, searching and searching, making sure you are putting all the information and once you click Submit it dissapears with no further info. Maybe you searched within the HUKD site which, strangely, is not as effective as it should. But if you googled " 24 cans of coke for £5 @ One Stop shop hotukdeals" then you would've found out that it was already posted. see here
I don't understand why they don't tell us, newbies, that best way to find if the deal was posted is to google search.

Funny you mentioned deals of coke from tesco and co-op. The Tesco deal was posted and it was the best deal. Soon after that another deal was posted from Co-op but was more expensive. How on earth did they allowed that? They would never allowed me or any newbies but they did because it was from an old member. His excuse was "Maybe ppl did not have tesco nearby" :):) There are more Tescos and I believe every street has one, than Co op. But anyway, unfortunately that how it is.
P.S. Only during Christmas is busy hence you will find lots of deals posted before you. Once Chrismas is gone, you will be able to post more freely without worrying that it was posted.


Will just look for deals and not post any.

Please don't feel disheartened and more importantly don't be a quitter !

I'm pretty sure the other deal didn't state anything to do with Amex, as I can't see it mentioned in the thread. Also it was a diet coke listing maybe that's why it didn't come up when you posted it. Who knows how hot UK deals works is a bit pot luck if I'm honest.
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