Posted 14th Jan 2023 (Posted 16 h, 21 m ago)
I've come across some great items that are reduced. I've tried to post the deal but I'm so not tech savvy, that I'm failing miserably. Would admin please be able to post it. I have some screen shots of some of the stuff I've bought
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    from the main page, click on the [+]

    then put in the deal link

    on the next page add a photo, the headline + cost (p&p), then description

    and then I believe you’re ready to post
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    On the website, just follow the instructions after clicking on the orange coloured "+Submit" button in the top right corner. Don't worry if you get it wrong, we all started by making mistakes (and still do).
    I don't know how to add a link. I will try again. I really wanted to get this deal on because it's for a good charity
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