posting deals

    i work in a shop if i find a bargin would i be able to post it because i dont benfit from it ?

    sorry if this is a double post


    I always posted deals from where I worked and had no complaints!

    I suppose there is no problem if it is a high street store.

    Original Poster

    i thought it would be ok but didnt wanna get in trouble lol thnks rep added also

    No problem. As long as you dont get commision :-D

    Hell yes vicknanth

    If you get insider trading info & we can all benefit from you being inside for 10 or so years! Go ahead, post it!!!!


    If a company have "got it wrong" thet're probably just touting for trade!

    Post Away!

    Yeah you'll be surprised at the number of deals in some high street stores. I remember I was working in an electrical store, and we got these 10 sony LCD Tvs (way back in 2004-5 so they were well expensive) but came up as £110 on the system. All 10 were snapped up by staff even before they reached the store floor!! They were on ebay next day for £600 lol!!

    So yeah go ahead and post.. !!
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