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    Hi there,
    I posted a thread in the Fs forum about my games and psp's etc etc, the links to them all are here:…on/…ks/…ks/
    Consequently i was banned because I didn't read the rules, but now i have and it seems that I will be able to post my my items Fs now, because all of the original posts are older than one week old. even though they have not been closed/locked (though i have asked) will i be able to post my items as Fs without getting banned this time?
    Really would appreciate a reply,



    they use their discretion to whose allowed to re-post, so no-one but a mod can answer this one

    Original Poster

    alright cheers, pm'd a mod (at least i hope they were a mod) with the same text. thanks

    Hi pompeycurry. You can now repost the items in the threads mentioned.

    In future please can you use the report button to close your FS threads as simply adding please close to the title can be easily missed.

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    ok thanks very much

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