posting links to websites and asking if the site is legit.

    This is happening every day at least. Someone asks if a site is legit, meanwhile the link is posted and is obviously helping the site in question go up in the search rankings.

    Anyone else noticed this?


    i try not to let too many things in life bother me.


    is this site … is this site legit?

    bravo sir.

    seriously though OP i dont get your point. This site is meant to help people spot good deals and cheap prices so when someone spots one but isnt sure whether the deals/prices are legit isnt this the best site to come to?

    so what if the site gets a bit more interest, if its been labelled as a fake then its up to the members on here to decide how they spend their cash. If someone wants to save a few quid by buying a shirt with an upside down crocodile on it, thats fine by me.
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