Posting tshirts via Royal Mail

Posted 7th Jun 2020
Hi, I have a few tshirts I need to send back to vendors - am looking to buy postage online via Royal Mail, just wondered if (from experience) people know what size (letter or parcel) and how much a general tshirt (it's a medium if that helps) would weigh so I can enter the information onto their website? Thanks.
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Small parcel
Not sure about how much it will weight but a Royal Mail Second Class Small Parcel is £2.95 for up to 2kg. A small parcel should easily accommodate a few t-shirts.
You may be able to get it in as a large letter.
Too many treats during lockdown I see.
A single T-shirt can go through as a large letter if you fold it carefully in half and put it in a plastic mail bag. But if you fold it over again or if it has a collar like a polo shirt then it might just be slightly over in terms of thickness and have to go as a small parcel.
Forget online pack and label it take to Post Office they have measuring templates and scales.
If you can tell me how many t shirts I can tell you the approximate weight.
depending how many times you’re gonna fold it, and how well you’re gonna package it, you’ll get away with large letter
Large letter over 100g under 250g is £1.40 no tracking

Small parcel is £2.95 and you can use the code on the receipt (or the label) to check delivery status
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