Postman's last day

The postman rings the doorbell and the woman opens the door wearing a very short and see-through nightie.

She invites him in and takes him upstairs where she makes passionate love to him before getting up and bringing him a cup of tea.

Later as he is leaving she gives him £10.

The husband comes home from work and sees the postman coming out of the house with a huge smile on his face.

He asks his wife, Why is he looking so happy?

The wife says, Remember I told you last night it was the postmans last day?

Not really said the husband.

Do you remember what you said? Asks the wife

Not really

Well I asked what to do since it was the postmans last day and you said

F*** him, give him a cup of tea and a tenner.


meh, lame re-worded version of the blonde and the dustbin men at christmas joke!


the 90ies called
they want there joke back


the 90ies called they want there joke back

Now THAT is funny :thumbsup:

Posted about 2 weeks ago.
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