While I relize mods have a hard job on these forums. I still have not got a reply from them regarding why my post has been expired. If as a member we have to learn why this is done a reply would be grateful so I know not to do it again. I am confused. So I have made the decision not to post any more even if I discover a bargain or a good deal. If any experienced HUKD people can give me any advice I would be grateful


    Your post may have been expired by members and not a mod. Maybe it was already posted? or people knew of better deals. I agree it must be frustrating for you and it would help if people explained but it cant all be down to the mods can it?

    Can you please tell me why you keep starting threads in misc regarding the same topics? You could have posted this in the the afrika afrika thread you started in misc, or even in the actual thread itself in freebies.

    Your post was marked expired as there do not appear to be tickets available any more... check it and see.

    Locking this up.

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