Posts Not Adding Up?

I have just posted a comment in a thread and the 1st post said it was my 309th and the 2nd one said it was my 309th and yeah you guessed it my 3rd one said it was my 309th.

This is no big deal but it got me thinking that all of us have probably all posted more than the total is telling us.

And before anyone says it yeah its taken me 309 posts (probably more like 500) to notice this.


noooo sillly it will say your post count so mine will say 2000 something then if i post again they will all chage to say 2001

Your total changes in every post so all your post's including your 1st will show the current total

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lol :roll:


mine was 4,500 before this one.................

I know what you mean, it had me fooled for a bit until I realised.

now this is funny:roll:


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now this is funny:roll:

Its a pleasure to brighten up your day.

Actually I am only replying to make sure I get my 311th post (or is it?)

Thanks everyone for the replies, just gone to get my calculator.

congrats on your 311 post

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congrats on your 311 post

Congrats on your 2000 posts in 168 posts time!

you know - I wondered the same thing! Only just clicked - of course !! duh





^ what she said....

Aww...bless :whistling:
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