Postsafe Box or equivalent

    Hi, I'm after a what I think is called a Postsafe box. Its a lockable metal box that you secure outside the house, the post office leave parcels etc in then lock it (and only you can unlock it). The last time I saw these on the high street, NEXT were selling them - they were about £40.

    Does anyone know anywhere that sells these?



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    Hi, thanks. These werent the ones I was thinking off. I cant find a picture, but think of a large cantilever tool box that fixes to the ground. (Or the green boxes they have outside shops...) Almost liek a safe.

    Its like a large box you leave open, delivery is put in and they lock it, but they cant open it - only you can.

    What if you get a 2nd delivery?
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    Is it a parcel safe? That's what I've got, mine was from Amazon.
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