HI, my kidney doctor has told me iv to go on a low potassium diet as im at 6,can anybody recomend what food your allowed,iv been on a site where he told me,i wondered is there is a better site,the site i went on was on the uk kidney one,i cant get into see my kidney doctor till january thanks


    bananas are high in potassium

    I would say the uk kidney site is probably better than hot uk deals

    Here is a list of foods with high and low potassium. Hope it helps.

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    Any reason you weren't referred to a Dietitian as a Consultant who just gives a patient a link to a website isn't doing their job.

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    they told me i cant get into the kidney dietion till friday 2nd of january thankyou

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    Here is a list of foods with high and low potassium. Hope it helps. Click … Here is a list of foods with high and low potassium. Hope it helps. Click me

    thankyou for your answer,im trying to do as much as i can before i go in january,my own doctor is trying to get me in before that date thankyou

    Good luck Julie. keep doing your research as it will hard to avoid those foods with high potassium
    especially in the Christmas period. Avoiding potatoes or tomatoes/tomato juice will not be easy.

    hope you have a speedy recovery after following this diet. Good luck

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    thanks for all your help xx

    I'm also on a low potassium diet for renal failure (transplant is failing). The list of foods to avoid on a low k diet include:
    chocolate, crisps, coffee, beer/ale (lager is lower), cider, dried fruit, dried vegetables, vegetable stock cubes, bananas, tomatoes, grapefruit (should go without saying with the meds you're likely to be on), oranges, spinach, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, pulses (dried or tinned), potatoes, curries - some of the spices used a very high in k, all mushrooms (dried are very high), all nuts. This sounds like a lot but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    Don't be put off by this; before my kidney transplant I spent 10 years on a low k diet and it really helped to slow the rate of deterioration down. All of the low k stuff will become second nature fairly quickly. If you're going to eat cooked veg then boil it in as much water as possible for 30 mins first to leach the potassium out.

    Let me know how you get on with the renal dietician, some are helpful and some really have no clue at all. Trying to get your potassium to between 3.2 and 5 is the goal here. 6 isn't terrible but long-term it's far better for it to be lower.

    Also, remember that you do need to take in some potassium to stay healthy (it's what helps muscle fibres to repair themselves). Just because something is high in k doesn't mean you can't have any, it just means you have a little and then stick with low k food for the rest of the day. You also need to remember that potassium has a cumulative effect in the blood so if you have a high k day then it's low for the next two days or so to balance it out.

    I'm here if you have any questions. x

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    im at stage 4 ckf iv been advised,iv 25% kidney function but only have 1 kidney, iv a way to go yet,as i think you can go to 10% before renal dialysis treatment my doctor said,you have been really helpful thanks julie

    I'm at 25% function with my transplant so know how you must be feeling. 10% function is about the time they start dialysis but it generally depends on your creatinine level at that time and how you're managing with every day activities. If it helps I was able to hold down a full-time job and dialyse (four times a day) while doing so, and certainly intend doing the same when the times comes again.


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    i feel fine,the doctors are more worried than me to be truthful,i dont smoke,drink do drugs,but iv got to change my diet though,the more i look after my body,my body will look after me xx thankyou ruth

    Bananas or Holland and barratt do supplements

    ^ Supplements are an absolute no no with renal failure.
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