Potential 5% discount at CEX every Thursday & Friday if you pay with cash

Posted 4th Nov
Might be store dependant but learnt this today, if you go to cex on a Thurs or Friday and pay cash, they can give you 5% discount as they "need" cash for the weekends.

Backstory, was trying to buy a cpu and one was like £10 more than I wanted to pay, asked jokingly if they could do a deal and was told they can't as prices are set by head office but they do discount on Thurs and Friday 5% when paying cash.

It might be product dependant (where they actually make a decent profit e.g. consoles and other higher priced items), i didn't ask.
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5% is huge
All these shops have to pay banks extra for 1ps and 2ps
How much was the CPU you were wanting to buy?
Haircut_10004/11/2019 22:03

How much was the CPU you were wanting to buy?

only £100 so only £5 saving but they had one at £80 and one at £100, tried to blag the £100 for closer to £80 lol
Isn’t it illegal now to charge more for one tender over another?
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