Potential blown PSU? Best solution?

Posted 16th Jun
A few minutes ago, I was listening to some music on my pc through my Bluetooth headphones.
Suddenly there was a brief orange flash at the back of the pc (where the PSU is at the bottom) and it went off, tripping the downstairs circuit breaker.

Hopefully it is just the PSU and nothing else has been fried. Unfortunately, until I get a new PSU, I can't check anything.
Hopefully it's not the pc overloading the mains? Is this possible?

Anyway, at the very least, I'm going to need a replacement PSU. The one I have, bought at the end of April this year, is a Corsair 550W Gold one.

Definitely under warranty.

So, should I get in touch with CCL, who I bought some parts from including the psu, or directly to Corsair.
They seem to recommend going to the vendor although you can send them the PSU and wait for repairs, a replacement or "buy another one from them" whilst they're waiting for your return.
Short of that, might be a lot quicker just buying a new one, say EVGA rather than Corsair and potentially have a spare should everything else be fine.
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If your in a rush i'd contact CCL and tell them what happened, see if you can buy the same one and then get refunded when they receive it? Dunno if that could work.

Make sure your using a surge protector on your plugs.
Contact CCL.
Buy another PSU for the time being.
When eventually, the new PSU arrives, sell it off on ebay.

Try to buy Seasonic.
Mine blew up exactly like this a few months ago, everything still worked apart from the PSU which meant the power surge luckily never got past it.
Seasonic seem.rather difficult to pick up at present unless you want 400W, Platinum models for close to £200, or one non modular one.
Most seem to have 6 weeks at the earliest before they're back in stock (might be the new cabling system or just demand?)
I cant see a pc overloading the mains. What fuse do you use on the PC?
It sounds like a simple PSU failure, with a capacitor popping. Its uncommon but happens.
Picked up a new PSU today to see if anything had been damaged, and thankfully everything seems to be working fine. Cables are a complete mess at present and got an extra connector on the supply.
If I can run my front fans and the SSD and HD off the same SATA cable, that will cut one cable out.

Sending the damaged one back to CCL so may get a backup or one for eBay in return.
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