Potential Flaw in PayPal

    A year ago i bought a domain name from and i paid via PayPal. I forgot that paypal took 7 days to take the money out of my account so i the payment was rejected by my bank (barclays) and paypal couldnt withdraw the money. I recieved an email notifying me to this fact 123-reg still got the money though.

    My friend recently bought something off of ebay for £50 and also paid via PayPal. He also like me forgot that paypal takes 7 days to withdraw your money and paid for a holiday meaning that he had no money in his account so Barclays (good bank btw) cancelled the payment meaning PayPal couldnt withdraw the funds. He also recieved a similar email saying that the money couldnt be taken out. He felt really guilty that he deprived the seller of £50 so a week later he contacted him asking if he did in fact get the money or not but the seller responded saying that everything was fine on his end.

    So is this a major flaw in PayPal? Is it possible to get money for nothing? :w00t:

    Im not at all saying that people should trying this out, im just wondering what you think.

    Btw i was 16 at the time and my friend is 17 so that may have had something to do with it, i dunno.


    do you not ned to be over 18 to have a paypal account?

    On a side note, You should be 18 to own a paypal account...................Another major flaw.

    As for money for nothing, Did the money not come out of the account at any stage?

    This wot happyened to sumone who i no -

    Someone has tried to take £1,849.00 from my paypal account...thing is i only had £11 in it (which has gone!!) ive done all that paypal have told me to do change password/security questions and all that.
    What they dont tell me is the hows/whys of how it happened if i click on the transaction i.d it just says 'server not found' so i dont even know what the transaction was for!
    Anyone had any similar ecperiences or know the process/timescale that paypal go through? i want my £11 back!!

    i'm laughing but i'm really fookin annoyed if i could find out who it was bat would be paying a visit to there knees let me tell ya

    This site will help you

    I did the same thing,just i ended up with - 110 pound in my paypal,but they only canceled the last 2 payments,so i have to pay the seller again.

    p.s i lost my debit and got a new one and couldn't change the number in paypal,untill the funds had been cleared

    Tatey, they'll contact you around 6-12 months down the line w/ a bailiff / debt collector demanding the money within 7 days. Happend to me [ I was too underage]


    its NOT a flaw its a STUPID PAYPAL THING!

    This happend to me someone payed me £30 via paypal
    I got the money i was happy goods dispatched

    A week later i got an email from paypal saying the money wasnt taken out because bank rejected it. And i has to pay PAYPAL £30.00

    to cut the long sotry short

    I contacted the seller who payed again and i got the £30.00 and paypal took it stright away

    My Paypal balance went into £-30

    Lucklly i had no money in payapl out Paypal would of taken it!

    They seem to have changed paypal now,
    It seems you cant make a payment if you have no money in your bank account
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