Potential scam when collecting parcel?

Posted 11th Nov
My wife just went to pick up an ASOS parcel from a corner shop in Bristol.

Upon showing her ID (driving licence) the cashier then held the driving licence up to his security camera, effectively taking a permanent copy of her driving licence.

My wife asked why he was doing this and was told 'just to confirm your identity'.

This seems odd to me. Does anyone know if this is a known scam?
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Maybe they getting scam from ppl saying somebody else collected their parcel so maybe hes just making sure they have proof on camera of id?????
Ask to see their data protection policy to confirm they comply with GDPR if you're worried. They don't need to rely on consent because as above they can argue the need to verify identity, but they must be able to show how it it stored, where it is stored, who processes the data, retention period etc
I don't think it's a scam as such but it is poor practice by them and opens up a lot of questions about data protection and security. They shouldn't have done that without asking first, and I don't think it is necessary anyway. Find somewhere else to get your parcels dropped off at.
Don’t think they have any legal rite to store your identity data that’s for sure
Cheers guys. Yeah I reckon it is probably just bad practice, and an over cautious shop owner, I've just never come across this practice and I've collected a lot of parcels. I just found it a bit worrying in these times of identity theft etc, as you've got name, address, dob and a photo on your driving licence. I suppose any place could gather this info a lot more covertly without raising the attention of the customer, just through camera placement.
If the guy had been accused of something what else can he do to prove it was collected by the person with the id ? Tough one, not a great thing to do as it opens up other issues for him /you.
Majority now ask for photo ID and they do take copy or tap the details into the system.
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