Potential Tax back if you have a child born before 1/4/2003 Anyone got anything back yet?

    Hi guys,

    Like lots of you I put in a claim but I went direct and have heard nothing back.
    Was just wandering if anyone else had?


    not a thing, sent ours in november

    i got a letter yesterday telling me it had already been paid to me

    They have stated that everyone will be informed on or before the 6th April 2009.


    i got a letter yesterday telling me it had already been paid to me

    Did they give you a date on when they made the payment?

    Original Poster

    Best watch the post then, thanx guys

    we sent our forms off 14th Dec and got a cheque for £608 the middle of Jan

    We got a letter back about a month ago saying that they had already paid it to us! Not sure when though??

    I got a letter back saying I'm not entitled to it:cry:

    My mum has not heard anything yet

    Nothing for me yet either...I sent off beginning of december.
    For those that haven't been entitled to it...did you check your P60 at all? Or did you just take a chance?
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