Potential Xbox £50 from Cokezone, what would you do?

    A shop round my way is selling 500ml bottles diet coke with a short shelf life (Dec 08) but they got the coke zone 2pts on each bottle so a case of 24 (48pts) is £7.20 I've already got about 80 points, so i only need to buy 6 or 7 cases. In 2 minds whether to do it or not and wor lass isn't over keen on the idea. Is it worth the risk? I already have an xbox



    what risk? that they sell out you mean?

    xbox no longer on coke zone

    Original Poster

    It was when I just checked, before the site went down, is it sold out?


    what risk? that they sell out you mean?

    Yeah, exactly


    xbox no longer on coke zone

    Yeah it is, 400pts, just checked, is a crazy deal tbh dude i'd go for it! Was gonna attempt it myself but struggling to find enough crates of the 10 can packs..


    Yeah it is, 400pts, just checked.

    No, been sold out since Friday. Click on the offer and you'll see...

    Glad i didnt pick up a million cans yesterday then.. thats the effect of hukd sometimes, loads of people must have picked up on this after the post on here the other day as they had plenty on cokezone a few days ago.. good stuff for people that got it, amazing deal! :-D
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