poundland tennis racket...half decent?

Found 5th Jul 2010
need a cheap (i mean cheap) tennis racket just for a mess about with a few mates at the nets. the argos £1 racket has run out of stock, so poundland it is. i know its only a pound and im not expecting anyhting great but has anyone brought one and can tell me if its half decent to use? dont want it to break striaght away, at least a game or two first lol =)
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its a pound what do you expect.
Don't do it...seriously...these bargain bucket racquets break in about two minutes flat - grip comes off, strings break, frames split.

I know you're only having a muckabout with mates, but shell out a few quid more...drop down Sport and Soccer and pick up something from them. Ditto balls...cheap balls will give you a crap game of tennis...get at least the cheapest Wilsons or Slazengers you can. Otherwise they don't bounce properly and all you'll be doing is chasing balls you just can't return...
Federer used one this year I think.

Half decent . "you cannot be serious"

You might be able to hit a shuttlecock for it not to break. Seriously it will be stronger than that but it's not going to be half decent for £1
from the replies i take that as a no then. lol i know it was only a quid its but still, but looks like im going sport direct for one then. cheers anyway lads (rep added) =)
if youre gonna go on the cheap get a bit of wood for free and play rounders

if youre gonna go on the cheap get a bit of wood for free and play … if youre gonna go on the cheap get a bit of wood for free and play rounders

Who are you referring to in your location?
Seen a few fairly decent ones in home bargains, proper names etc but at a low price. Would be worth a look as stock varies in different stores

Who are you referring to in your location?

get one out the donnay shop mate - better quality as others have said as soon as you smack the ball hard the pound onewill break
The thing with rackets is that if you look after them they will last a very long time, my one cost about £70 and I've had it for nearly 10 years and it's like new still
My motto is buy crap get crap.

Just fork out for the proper thing and it will last longer for any other times it gets used. Might aswell just throw your quid in the wishing pond.

poundland tennis racket...half decent?

Correct - they're only half decent. Get a decent one instead.
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