Poundland universal remote control - anybody got the programming instructions please?

    Got a cheap universal remote from Poundland a while ago as a spare for kids' TV, but managed to lose the instructions before we got around to setting it up.

    Now giving the TV to a friend and wanted to set the remote up for her... any idea how I program the remote in? The TV is a 22" Technika DVD combi, if anybody happens to have the bit of paper that lists the codes!

    Thanks for any help.


    Sure I've got one somewhere!
    Will have a check later on and hopefully can help!?
    Brief guide
    Actual Instruction manual

    The internet has everything

    Original Poster

    Brilliant - thanks! I'd found the ebay link but it didn't list the codes, but hubby has just used the other link Astec - unfortunately despite trying all the Technika codes, and also the very long-winded manual selection, it's still not working for our telly... typical!

    Thanks very much for the offer Chuckiedoll - doesn't look like it's going to work though, as that appears to be the correct set of instructions, and googling indicates that other Technika owners have had the same problem.

    Thanks for the help
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