The founder of Poundland is planning to open the Britain's first online single-price retailer, which he hopes will be up and running within the year.
    Steve Smith, who opened his first Poundland store in 1990 with the help of a £50,000 loan from his father, has now bought the domain
    The businessman, who sold his share of Poundland for nearly £50m in 2002, however could face competition from his former business, which is also reportedly preparing to open a website.

    The 51-year-old told Retail Week customers would have to pay a delivery cost of about £3, which he compared to transport and parking costs for high street shoppers.
    He said: 'People are used to delivery costs. My challenge is to make sure it works out cheaply for the customer.'
    According to reports, Mr Smith had thought about a £42 minimum order value for customers, but this is likely to reduced to about £23 following market research.

    He is also considering a 'click-and-collect' system which would allow customers to pick up their goods at other stores and shopping centres.

    I think he will do well although we might have a few neighbours curtain twitching at the PoundShop lorry parked up outside when they deliver!


    I think if you are going to have a minimum spend then the delivery charge should be scrapped. I'd rather go in to town and spend what I want than be forced to spend £23 and then be told I need to pay for delivery as well.

    Great idea, hopefully there will be some discount codes available for free delivery or at least a min spend as Ross mentions. I guess if your purchasing from poundland you will probably be purchasing a number of items anyway per shop.

    how much will everything cost

    i had arranged a charabanc trip to wrexham for the 99p store sale but apparently the bargains are no longer 50p.…177


    poundland is about to float - … poundland is about to float - allegedly.

    Are shares £1 each?

    should have bought that domain and then sold it back for a million "****" oO

    Already gone
    TAKEN TRANSFER//WANT TO GET IT? yer like any one will get that now

    TAKEN TRANSFER//WANT TO GET IT? """"""""""""""""or this """""""""""""""""

    Why isn't delivery £1?

    Good idea, but delivery is too expensive at £3.65.
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