Poweline/Homeplugs with Wireless Access Points - Is it possible???

Found 30th Jun 2008
Hello all...I'd like to hear from anyone who has any relevant experience or superior technological knowledge than myself on this matter...

...currently we have a Netgear ADSL modem/router with wireless sharing the broadband connection from SKY, but the wireless signal is very poor and doesn't reach the back of the house (as the ADSL modem/router with wireless is in the front room).

It happens that we have a spare ADSL modem/router with wireless lying about - and I am sure it can be set to become just a Wireless Access Point only.

I was wondering about just getting two 85Mbps Homeplug adaptors - plugging one into the back of the ASDL modem/router/WAP (the one directly receiving the broadband connection from SKY), and then plugging in another one at the back of the house and then using a CAT5e to the spare ADSL modem/router with wireless (but just configuring it to become a Wireless Access Point).

Does anyone know if this will work? All I want to do is to be able to access the same wireless network at the back of the house from a variety of wireless enabled devices.

I know you can get Homeplugs with Wireless built-in which would achieve this for definite, but I was thinking this solution might make better use of what I have already got (and possibly is cheaper).

P.S. I don't think the ADSL modem/router with wireless that is sharing out the broadband connection has Wireless Distribution System (WDS) functionality - hence the homeplug is like the 'physical' link between that ADSL modem/router AND the Wireless Access Point...(as if it did, I'd just use this spare as a repeater by setting the first modem/router to allow WDS and specifying the WAP).

P.P.s...not sure but I think the devices connected to the Wireless Access Point at the back of the house in this configuration would be on a different subnet (and I wont be able to see devices connected to the wireless at the front of the house - but this is not a problem for me, as the aim is to be able to browse the Internet more reliably & solidly from the back of the house)...can anyone confirm/advise on this also?

Your comments & feedback are much appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!
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