Power line Vs. WiFi Boosters

Found 27th Feb 2018
So I want to know what is the best option to go for?
My Virgin Superhub 3 has a lot of trouble reaching upstairs in my home.
I’ve already got a booster plugged in the hallway, but I’m lucky to get a single bar with it.
What advice can you give?
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Powerline is best if your mains is on the same circuit. Otherwise use an access point if you have a local ethernet cable (in the hallway).
It's usually the quality that matters, if your going powerline do it right and get 1200mbps ones. If you go for a Wi-Fi repeater make sure it has wireless AC
Or use a mesh network like google home WiFi or BT WiFi. This offers WiFi for whole house without the issues of WiFi boosters.
Raise the router up as high as you can, works better on a bookcase. Should get a better signal unless your neighbours have cranked their WIFI up.
Also use an app on your phone to see which channels are clear /least congested and change to that too. Something like Net gear WiFi analytics to improve the quality of the signal you do get.
It was some time ago now. I bought an Asus RT AC68 wifi router and connected up to my Virgin Superb 3, run the Superb in router mode, and have never looked back. Wifi all over the house will great speeds.
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