Power supply adapter to recharge a vacuum battery...Samsung Bespoke Jet

Posted 20th Feb 2023
Bought a Samsung bespoke Jet vacuum and it comes with a 2nd battery (1st one is charged when the vacuum is in it's clean/store cradle) which can be charged when it is docked in the 'accessory cradle'. Problem is it does not come with a power adapter to charge it.

I tried to use one that charges a Eufy robovac I have - but it didn't work (no lights on the battery when connected) despite it working fine on the Eufy. That tells me that not all of them are the same clearly. I know nothing about this type of thing.

Any experts out there know what type/size of power adapter I need to charge the battery safely. Samsung provide a power adapter with a new battery purchase, but don't with a free battery. They also don't sell the power adapter separate so no joy from them. I'm sure it's rather simple if you know what will work safely.
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  1. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Eufy Robovac generally use 19V charger, when Eufy is not lying about spec.
    Image below indicates Samdung Jet range uses around 26V.
    Highly unlikely the Samdung's charging controller will have an inverter to increase 19V to 25V+.

    Here's some guesswork based on Jet60 image & quick websearch:

    JET 60 charger output = 25.85V DC at 1A; JET 70 & 75 = same V but 1.2A; Bespoke assumed to be similar.
    So somewhere around 26V DC at more critically 1A or more should be OK.

    The DC barrel connector in pic is possibly standard 5.5mm x 2.5(or 2.1)mm but may be smaller;
    standard convention would be centre positive.

    Generic equiv may be this FBA item at £16.77, selected for its elect spec and multiple size options for barrel connectivity:
    but could likely drop to around £11 via other electrically-similar options if 5.5 x 2.(x)mm connector size is correct.

    If you have faith the Samdung charging design has decent integral regulation and will only request as much current as it needs, you could consider max 3.4A at £17. Sadly this seller and sellers of similar spec supplies cannot decide if 24V or 26V output.

    If same charger as Jet 70: a seller stated to be a business is shifting the Samdung item for £29 on the bay. Use search string:
    Samsung Jet 70/ AC Battery Charger Genuine Brand new
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    newbie68 Author
    Thanks ever so much for the detail and attempts to find the right charger - your exactly who I hoped would be around to answer this!! Knowledge is much appreciated. Hopefully if Mark updates as stated the barrel size can be confirmed as well? Happy to pay whatever it costs to get something that will absolutely work.
  2. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    I also bought the bespoke jet, the manual doesn't say this model comes with the extra charger for accessory cradle.
    It states products with a star next to them may not be included in your region or something similar and the extra charger has a star.
    However the Accessory cradle states 30v on bottom does it not ?
    I will try my dyson v11 plug in it later and let you know if that works
    AndyRoyd's avatar
    Dyson V11 PSU elect spec = 30.45 @ 1.1A so should be OK for the Samdung.
    Most 3rd party sources state V11 DC barrel size of 4.8mm x 1.7mm; Bespoke DC barrel size yet to be confirmed.
  3. AndyRoyd's avatar
    If the suggested KT36W300120BS is credible, the DC barrel size is stated as 5.5mm x 2.1mm,
    in which case I'd be more inclined to spend less (£10) for benefit of more current headroom via a scooter / ebike charger,
    random example as previously cited of one of many items same as ebay item 363883921796.

    or if in no rush...

    somewhat silly £3.84 delivered next month via Aliexpress "first order" with the benefit of additional current overhead:
    29.4V DC @ 2A via 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel
    Aliexpress item 32779443057
    or about £6.50 if no first order discount, Ali item 1005003890318961

    Probably find one for less but I only spent 1 minute performing unrefined search.
    newbie68's avatar
    newbie68 Author
    Thanks Andy - I'm pretty sure the suggested item is credible (2 sources confirmed - one from the Samsung forum where they were trying to solve the same problem - stated it is charging fine) so I will go ahead with that barrel size.

    Item number cited come up with 'no exact matches found' and google search of the same finds nothing...wrong number? ...anyhow couldn't find it. I done a general search of scooter/ebike chargers and noticed most of them state 42V - I'm sure you will clarify if that is OK? Hate to buy the wrong thing. Any other sound links or item numbers from Ebay as I would prefer to buy from there (speed predominantly)

    Your help is much appreciated.
  4. AndyRoyd's avatar
    I assume it is the 29.4V DC 2A 5.5mm x 2.1mm bay item you cannot find?
    Archive of successful find on 2023-02-22 at archive.is/JI3Nq

    Regarding unrelated 42V charger:
    absolutely do not attempt to use any 42V charger.
  5. newbie68's avatar
    newbie68 Author
    Yes I read that. It would be nice for Samsung to at least make them available to buy. How odd given that their manual states power adapter comes with this model for the cradle and to make sure you buy an appropriate one - no definition of what is appropriate - got to laugh
  6. Deedie's avatar
    there was some recommendations for chargers in the deal listing
    newbie68's avatar
    newbie68 Author
    Read through the several listings - most comments where guessing apart from one. Others stated that Dyson and Bosch ones would likely work.
  7. newbie68's avatar
    newbie68 Author
    I have got posts now both on here and elsewhere that confirms which ones work, but I am unable to link to them (market place seller not allowed on here)

    The specs of the charger are - 30V 1.2A AC-DC Adaptor Charger with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel

    Mods - if you remove this I would be grateful if you actually tell me specifically how I can inform the community what type of charger is needed to get the product working - multiple people across the Samsung vacuum deals posted here over the weeks are asking
    Deedie's avatar
    What is the name of the charger. Will be easy to find. No need for links

    Think I might have found it anyway.

    Is it this KT36W300120BS (edited)
  8. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Triedy dyson v11 plug, didn't fit, different dimensions
    newbie68's avatar
    newbie68 Author
    Cheers - so the barrel size is clearly different. Andy above suggested that barrel size of your Dyson is likely 4.8mm x 1.7mm and it appears that the barrel size of the Samsung is 5.5mm x 2.1 (although would love to rule out it being 5.5x2.5) so no surprise it doesn't fit
  9. Deedie's avatar
    I just tried my ebike charger. Pin size is perfect but battery just flashes red (edited)
    AndyRoyd's avatar
    What is the output voltage of your ebike charger, 24volts maybe, or something silly over 36volts?
  10. AndyRoyd's avatar
    36 volts will likely be too high for the Samdung's battery and that voltage would likely be rejected,
    possibly accommpanied by smoke.
  11. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Did anybody including OP try any of the £9 eBay-sourced ebike charger options around 30Volts,
    and if so: any success?
    newbie68's avatar
    newbie68 Author
    I ended up with KT36W300120BS and works perfectly. Same speed of charging as the original - good fit.
  12. Corin_Martin's avatar
    Hope someone can help. I have a Jet 90 vacuum. Tried it with a different adapter but it didn't work – the battery flashed in a different sequence (3&1, 2… 3&1, 2… 3&1, 2… instead of 1…2…3… etc), and now doesn't work. Have I bricked my battery or is there some way I can save this?
  13. lyndongray's avatar
    There should be a brown Box in the main bespoke jet box which contains the cradle charger. If its missing then speak to Samsung to get one. I presume you bought yours new. I bought one two weeks ago and the charger was in the main box.
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