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Found 18th Jan 2007

I'm buying a new graphics card (6600GT) and it requires a better power supply than my current 250w in a Dell Dimension 4550.

I think I will go for this one:
but will it fit into my dell dimension 4550 and allow me to use the NVIDIA 6600GT AGP graphics card?

Also will I need to buy a cable to plug it in or is one included / use my old one?

Many thanks:-D

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from what i understand its better to go for certain brand ones, look in this thread


i think any psu will fit in your current computer if the psu is ATX, and you should be able to use your old cable

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would this one for £28 be better (made by FSP)?

How old is your Dell?

Be very careful as Dell used to modify their motherboards so that only their PSU's would work, they seemed to wire their PSU different a while back and third party PSU's used to kill their motherboards due to incorrect wiring.

It;s not so bad now as Dell seem to use everyday components on most machines but be very careful.

I would Google your exact make and model and research before buying anything.

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About 4 years old now

Then I think you may be in trouble mate. Give me the exact model number and I will see what I can dig up, but off the top of my head I think you may have to purchase from Dell.

Yup I am right, you can't put any other PSU into that Dell mate. But I have just read a forum where someone was in the same boat as you, so instead of upgrading the PSU from the 250w they just took a chance and bought a 7600GS AGP card.

They are now happily playing their new games.

Not sure I could recommend it but I myself would go for it. Very rare a PSU fires anything for being underpowered. Normally your PC will just shut down at random intervals. If that happens then you need to upgrade, if not then your OK.

But as I say, I am only saying this because I just go for it as I am a care free person with my own possessions. If your concerned then contact Dell and try to upgrade your PSU. If they still do them!

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Cheers for the help,

its a dell dimension 4550, (I think there was 2 versions and its the slightly later one if this matters)
768mb ram

Mate I don't really think it matters if it's the older or newer version. Up until the last 2 years maybe even later Dell have been outright b****rds when using any other component in their systems, the PSU being the major problem. You really would blow up/fry your whole motherboard and probably everything in it if you put any other PSU in your machine.

But considering your system is not a micro you can fit any AGP card in there. Contact Dell and see what they say about a bigger PSU, I even think they will struggle to deliver a PSU for your system, you may have to take a chance on getting an AGP card and trying your current PSU, or, selling your system and buying a new one. I am not even going to consider selling half of it considering your whole case will have to be sold too.

Your choice mate, either chance an AGP card in this system or sell your whole system and buy something better.
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