Powered USB for PS4 slim

Posted 12th Jun 2020
Hi, for a while now I've had an issue with my PS4 camera, it struggles to stay connected and even when it is there's a definite lag. After many Google searches and investigations, I found that if I remove the PSVR and external USB drive, it works perfectly fine. This leads me to the thought that the USB/aux power isn't enough for everything I have plugged into it.

I can't leave the PSVR unplugged, it would defeat the point of having the camera. I could do some rearranging with the hard drive contents but that is also a pain to have to keep unplugging it. So I'm thinking of having an externally powered USB hub.

Has anyone done this and got any recommendations for devices?

To be honest, it's frustrating that the camera itself doesn't use regular USB connectors, as that is the device that struggles due to lack of power it would have made sense to make that powered as well.
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