Powerful laptop for using Video Editing software, Adobe PS 6 etc

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Found 27th Dec 2014
Hi techies

With all these laptops in the sales coming up and a budget of £600. Could any of you techie experts advise on what specs I should be looking for? or even recommend a laptop? I would like to be able to expand the RAM over time as well.

I saw this on PC world and thought it was pretty good for the price, but would it be able to handle games and photo editing etc.


I know its a girly thing to say but I would also love one in white if poss lol

Many thanks


Personally I'd go for a Macbook Pro. All under £600


For video & image editing you need A good CPU and Ram mostly.

Personally I wouldn't go for a macbook but I hate their usability. I'm 5x faster with windows so that's what I stick to.

A minimum of 8gb ram and a mid to high range i7 CPU, a 1080p screen and a reasonable sized Hard-drive and basic editing requirements will be covered.

If you wanted to start getting into more intense editing and advancing to animation & 3D, then upping the Ram and CPU power would be where to go from there.

Make sure it's got USB3.0 slots. They're a godsend with file transfers (which you'll be doing LOTS of while editing I imagine)

A hdmi/Displayport output is something i'd look for too for sure, as a small 1080p screen grows tedious while editing. I'm running a 27" 1440p monitor and a side 17" monitor for graph editors and waveforms etc and sometimes I feel cramped still!

Also be aware that just 'i7' doesn't mean it's great. Some are MUCH slower than others. i3 is dual core, i5 is quad core, and i7 is quad core with hyperthreading (Pretty sure that's right? someone feel free to correct me). Hyperthreading means that the 4 cores will work together in a much more efficient, fast and intelligent way than the i5 (4 core but no hyperthreading).


This link shows you the good vs bad in a nice chart. I'd probably find the best cpu possible for your budget and go from there. For editing CPU is top priority, then Ram. 'Dedicated graphics' is nowhere near as important to editing & rendering as you may assume.

Have fun on the hunt!
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