Powerful Torch light

    I have know Idea which of the light on dealextreme are the best.

    Can someone point me to the best……999


    Hi yinujum

    Well, you've called on the right place. At the moment, I have over 30 torches in my stash from DX!

    The answer to your questions is...what do you want of your torch?

    Do you want it small? Do you want it cheap to run? Do you want it to have the best throw? Do you want a nice uniform light?

    Okay, out of all these torches, I have 2 favourites - and they both run best on rechargable CR123A batteries. They have a higher voltage than AA or AAA, are more expensive to run - unless you invest in a good charger and rechargables. Anything running on AA or AAA will be second best, and you should avoid it.

    Like I said, I have 2 favourites:

    1. A Xenon flashlight - which is the brightest of them all. It has the longest 'throw' i.e. it is most visible at the longest range. It's this:…903

    It's about a fiver delivered, but you want the protected rechargable ultrafire CR123A and charger, which'll add about another £5-7 - but it'll be much cheaper than buying from the UK highstreet, and the torch is bulletproof. Really good.

    2. Or, if you want something sub-compact, which is cool as a cucumber...then get this...…903

    The beam is much whiter, but not blue at all and whilst it's not as brights as the former, it only uses 1 CR123A and is about half as long.

    Check out all the ultrafire lights - that use CR123A batteries as they're the best LED lights.

    And the higher the voltage of Xenon light you use then the brighter it'll become, but it'll be an orangey light and you NEED to make sure that it has an alu orange-peel reflector for it to have a nice beam pattern.

    you can p.m. me for more specific information on particular models to see if I have them and if I have performed run-time tests on them etc. Also, check out - they're very professional.

    Hope it helps!

    p.s. any LED torch that runs a Cree XR-E is good. Visit [url][/url] to get an idea of the output of there various leds.

    Kanester - thanks for the info. Maybe your username should be "torchy"....:)

    ps you posted the same link twice....

    Oh, here's the correct link:…397

    And it was 1:30am...and I'd had a couple...hic!

    Original Poster


    thekanester, awesome info mate - rep added!

    im after a torch from DealExtreme, i want it so i can use normal batteries, it has to be smallish (the same size as the SuperFire Flashlight 9V BLACK you linked to above)

    which one would you recommend?
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