Powerhouse Fitness delivery issues

Posted 6th Dec 2019
Hi I'm looking for some advice here for a delivery issue. I've ordered a weight barbell set with 80kg weights. I was told my items would be delivered on Wednesday but never showed up so I rang Thursday and was told by customer service that I would be the next delivery but again nothing showed up. I called today friday and was told my package had been left with a neighbour even though no card was left at mine and I was in all day. Went to the neighbours and only the barbell was there. These guys are right cowboys and the courier they use is called xdp who have the worst reviews online after doing a quick bit of research. What can I do now, should I be entitled to a refund because I do t have the time or patience for all this messing about. I know there is a great community on here so if anybody could offer some advice please?
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What does your invoice and/or product order say?
How did you pay? If credit card or Paypal go to them to get money back?
.. also, reps for Jesus
Surprised this company are still in business - ordered from them in 2015 and their service was appalling. Given their positive reviews on Trustpilot (I gave them a one star terrible review) I suspect if you buy instore they are fine but online orders forget it.....

My advice, don't bother contacting them its a waste of time (been there, done that). Go straight to your credit card company and ask them to refund you....
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Thanks but I've sorted it now. They have offered a 10% discount as a goodwill gesture but I've just cancelled the order and awaiting refund as have to wait for courier to return goods which hopefully does not take forever.
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