Powerline Adapters???

    hey i remember a few months back maybe even a year or so that there were a load of powerline adapter deals knocking about and now i need some was wondering if people can recommend any that are decent priced and have good reviews.


    Have a word in the for sale/ trade section, they are always popping up, last time I checked it was like 30-35 quid, but not sure.
    I've got some here, not sure if I'm going to use them or not yet though, I can find out in the next day or so for ya though.

    i use zyxel homeplugs. never have any pobs with internet an 360 live (used at the same time)
    mine are the PLA401's,and i think they are discontinued them off ebay. highly recomended.never have any trouble.just put them in the plug and that was set up required.
    great bit of kit
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