Powerline Adapters

    I'm looking to purchase a powerline adpater starter kit but need one that will work if plugged into a trailing socket rather than directly into the wall socket.

    Can anyone recommend a particular model/s?



    Yes I can. Devolo Home Plugs. Have been using the same ones for about 5 years and they are perfect and also work well in trailing sockets.

    Avoid Netgear ones as they tend to just stop working after a while

    I've got the max power 85mbps. And I use on xbox live and the pc is hooked up as well. I got mine at amazon £42.

    picked up 3 from ebay, one for the router, xbox and pc. pc and xbox both on trailing socketsand both work fine.

    I've used ZyXEL homeplugs plugged into extension leads at two difference houses without problems.

    Just make sure it's not a filtered or 'energy saving' lead.

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    Thanks everyone
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