Powerline Adapters, Any Deals Around?

    Im lookin go get some powerline adapters, as i need to move my modem downstairs.
    Not sure how many additional plugs i may need
    All i need to do is connect to one PC

    Occasionally laptop and wii - would they still be ok picking up the wireless connection?

    Ive had a look round but not sure what i need.
    I download a few movies/tv shows, so think i need more than the 85bps version


    (PS Hope you all had a great xmas)

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    You want the faster of the two HomePlug technologies, called HomePlugAV.

    My experience is with the Zyxel product range which in my house actually runs faster than the ADSL modem and about 4 times faster than WiFi.

    I bought a couple of Zyxel NGB318S off eBay for less than £20 each. The PLA401 would have been simpler but for some reason it's twice the price.

    The NGB318S is a combined wireless/cable/router/powerline device. When setting up you can pick which of these technologies to use so I turned off the wireless and cable features to make the setup simpler.
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