Powerline Adapters - Any Good?

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Found 21st Nov 2010
Thinking of getting some Belkin Gigabite Powerline Adapters and was just wondering if anyone has them and if there any good.



I bought a couple of Gigabit HD V1 adapters 2nd hand off ebay & they do the trick, They work all over the house (all our wall sockets are on one circuit). They seem fine for streaming video off the internet. They work through extension cables even though the instructions state they have to be connected directly to the wall socket.

You can have 1 adapter connected to the router & seven others dotted around the house so I'm planning on getting a few more.

The only issue I've had is the firmware upgrader. V 2.0.16 doesn't connect to the adapters so you have to update to 2.0.9 then 2.0.16 - there's a new update coming out soon so that should get rid of that problem

Painkiller - do you know what sort of speeds you get via the Gig adapters? I have some belkin 200mbps adapters which are also fine for streaming HD content around the house but have read that people arn't getting much of an improvement when upgrading to gig.

Just curious - worto.
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