Powerline adapters vs Xbox live network adapter

    Need some advice from people who have tried please.

    I have a wireless network adapter for my xbox, i also have 2 spare powerline adapters.

    Would i get a major difference by using the powerline adapters?

    I know in theory i should just would like some input from those with experience.



    Im not sure about homeplugs, however wired is always better than wireless

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    Im not sure about homeplugs, however wired is always better than wireless

    Ye if the ethernet was plugged straight from router to xbox then thats the best option, but im not sure if using the powerline adapters brings the same result.

    Used to use a wired connection which worked fine and i used the 360 wireless network adaptor and its pants - i then bought a pair of homeplugs and they are brilliant - recommend them but not the ones you posted
    ive got these and they are great…665

    the XBox360 wireless BRIDGE works fine, however things to note, local channel interference, the signal strength you get is 1/2 the speed you actually get because wireless is 1/2 duplex as are the homeplugs, after that if the half duplex speed you get is greater than your broadband speed then you should be fine.
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