Powerline Adaptor Recommendations?

Posted 30th Jun 2020
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a Powerline Adaptor? I'm looking for a replacement. I've done a little bit of research but I'm too sceptical about reviews (either website 'Top 10' lists or product reviews on Amazon) these days so find the best way is to put the question out there.

One of the rooms in the house is a bit patchy for WiFi signal and I used to use a BT adaptor to plug an Ethernet into the Xbox. Had problems with the NAT settings for a long time and as I'm using a BT Hub, I went for a deal I found on BT adaptors at the time. They seemed to work well enough but one of them just died years later.

Community Updates
I have a TP Link one and it works well. amazon.co.uk/dp/…ZX4 it's an older version of this one.
tp-link.com/uk/…it/ that's the one I have. No problems using it. Works great
Check out Devolo as well, I have been using a set for a good 8-9 years, no issues at all in that time. I think I needed to reset them once, when i moved house, but other than that, rock solid
I went with a Tenda Powerline. A lot better reliability compared to TP link ones I've tried.
My broadband speed is ~50 megs and I get full performance.

Apologies I can't remember the model name but it was the non-WIFI model
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