powerline adaptors

    probably a silly question but will a powerline work if i plug it into a 4 gang extension ?

    would solve the "what more wires" moan


    I believe so.

    I'm sure i've read this question on a FAQ on one of the powerline sites.

    they do work but they do warn u that.
    a. they may not work
    b. speeds may be rubbish

    but i have in the past had to use them in this way and they worked fine.
    normally go for devolo cost more but seem to do the job

    Kinda a silly question if you think about it

    It works on the mains, how can it know if it's plugged into an extension socket/double plug, your living room, kitchen or anything else?

    As long as it's on the same mains loop (house) it will work

    The ONLY exception to this is if you have a filtered extension lead specifically filtered to remove the signal from the lead - pretty high cost to buy one of those and if you got one you know what its for anyway - so you don't need to worry

    It doesnt know it is in an extension leads, the problem is that by plugging it in to the extension it then has some extra hurdles to jump through before it gets to your ring main.

    The could degradation of signal quality cause by the fact it has to go from the adapter through the extension, through the fuse in the extension then to the wall.

    It will work but may be slightly slower and less reliable. That said I have been running mine for 5 years through an extension, without issue.
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