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I'm wanting an ethernet connection in my office to make streaming from my games console to my laptop a bit more stable.

Running an ethernet cable isn't an option really, so I was thinking about powerlines.

Apparently though, you can't plug them into extension sockets, they have to go directly into the wall socket, is that right? If so, I'm screwed as where my router is at the moment, there's only one socket so I use an extension to plug it into aswell as my home phone.

Any ideas? Thanks
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Tbh i have mine in an extension lead but i have it connected to the first socket of the extension lead to the mains and i have no problem. I use tp links which have worked wonders.
You can get powerlines that have a plug socket in so you could plug your extension cable into that i.e. amazon.co.uk/TL-…ine
I use mine on an extension and it works as it should.
Maybe it would be faster if I had straight to the socket but it is very hard to reach.
I think the reason for the 'not into extensions' rule is that other electrical devices switching on and off could interrupt your signal - in the same way that heating, immersion heaters and fridges can affect the effectiveness of powerline adapters. I've had the different sets of adapters, the first two were disconnecting because the heating thermostat switched on and off. I use TP link ones now and they are fine.

You say you want it for streaming? Get a minimum of 500mbps, higher if possible.
I have been running some old TP-link 500mbps powerline adaptors over a 40 meter extension lead to an outbuilding for around 18 months, my server is in the outbuilding and I see 2.5 to 4 MB/s (megabytes, not megabits)

All the large MKV files I have play without issue, including 'killa sample' which is supposed to be a very high bandwidth clip and ideal for testing throughput.

With that said, I do have to switch off all the powerline adaptors and then power them back up maybe once a month, but they behaved in the same manner when used correctly, plugged directly in the wall at our previous house.
Why is running a cable not an option?

For some of the tricky routes in my house I drilled holes in the wall and ran them externally :-)
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Why don't you swap the single socket to a double one ? Also go for atleast an AV2 1200+ MIMO don't buy a SISO powerline adapter. Have a look on the smallnetbuilder site.


Remember that the software depends on the chips being used in the adapter so you can swap software between powerlines that use the same chips.
I think the extension lead advice is a$$ covering.
As you can tell lots of people use them with minimum problems.
I too have used an extension and had minimal drop in speed.
I did however have problems when I tried to use a surge protected extension.
Surge proof extensions slow it down but the cheapo ones work fine
I tried to use one over 25 meters to my shed/office and it didn't work.

They do pass through ones that allow you to plug and extension into it.
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