Powermat charging unit for iPod etc

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Found 9th May 2010
Does anyone own or use a Powermat for charging their little electric gizmos?
I'm considering getting one as we have two iPhones, two iPods, two PSP's and PS3 chargers. I thought this would be an easier option but it's a lot of money to outlay.
Any thoughts?


I think the bit that got me with them is the fact you need all the specific charger jackets/jackplugs to charge anything. I guess it would cut down the clutter of all the chargers but i dont know how many devices they can charge concurrently so is there a possibility you won't be able to charge all the devices you need at the same time?

They don't have receivers for the iPods and PSPs unfortunately, but they do have receivers for the iPhones but they are £35 EACH and witht the price of the mat it really isn't worth the money.

If you really do want a wireless charging dock there are other alternatives to the Powermat, have a look here and see if any ohers are better:

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